Projects Completed

Adarsha Vidya Mandir – School Website  (Online) A School Webite made with WP design , Shows the basic info reuired in school website. It showing ani,ated slider at header of home page, along with school awards and awards& price grabbed by teachres such as “Best Teacher Award”. Site also showing the information of board of trustee. Website is made in MArathi Langugae with proper design.

XARMY – Ganesh Utasv Mandal (Online) A Ganesh utsav mandal website of ichalkaranji city. This is the new idea of that implemented by wise mind to store all the activities taken in mandal in kind of  photos, videos. Website look damn good. Take a look once.

INFIWEBZ – Web developers (Online) –  Website with partially animates site with full-screen slider effect at home page, representing as website maker in Kolhapur district. Website fits in every size of screen, elegant design. Check this out.

SITCOE – Gallery Site of Class (Online) – hosted worldwide, responsive website with Configuration of DNS with other Domain providers. Website manly contains over 1500+ photos of events of BECSE class of SIT college students. Contains photos of all events that they celebrated/spend together in college life; with attachment of google drive storage to download all photos event wise.

Infilemon: Spices Export india(Online) : WordPress Site for Import Export Company of india made with configuration of extra plugins with modification. Theme is suitable and expressing all details of Spices of infilemon. Site contians main Slider effects, testimonial, feedback from which will be delivered to direct email address of administrator. Also site gives detailed information about spices with captured images.

RESUME SITE: New Way to Express Resume(Online) I created own lightweight resume website to express self-more than 2-3 page of document. Website contains all the mark sheets, certificates, Project that I have done, my hobbies photographs and site is connected with all my social accounts. Website is hosted online as a subdomain of

Project: Department website

Front end: HTML, CSS | Back end: MySQL

A  Website for Department that contains all the information about the teachers, students, non teaching staff, subjects, time table. Also that site was having one more menu for downloading pdf books which having very nice effective Graphics provided in it. One page was containing for CompESA activities new updates.CSE legend tab giving the information about persons who did extrodinarty work in Computer Field. Overall Site was giving the more and more information.

Project Name: (sem 6)

Front end: HTML, CSS | Back end: MySQL | Server side:PHP 

             We developed this website to advertise the company on the internet, because of this website customers will able to get the information about the company and its product any time 24/7.This website also help the company to increase its business area since the website will give in detail information about company’s product with their specification as well as customers will be provided facility to download the product information in pdf format. As well as a feedback option.

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Front end: HTML, CSS | Back end: MySQL

Created and launched successfully a Website which gives Event photos of annual function of college such as Gathering, Sports and Traditional Day with Count of 2000+ photographs on site. Student was able to view photos with “iFrame” view and having option of download for each photo. I and my team had made website for department to provide more facilities to the student so that student can easily get all the study material

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Project Name: Multitouch Surface Computer (sem 8)

       The rapidly-developing world of multi-touch tabletop and surface computing is opening up new possibilities for interaction paradigms. So in this project we have implemented a method to enable multi-touch interactions on an arbitrary flat surface using a pair of cameras mounted above the surface. The main advantage of  our project is two-handed, multi-touch surface computing provides a scope for interactions that are closer analogues to physical interactions than classical windowed interfaces also system is able to work simultaneously on data input and system controlling.

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Project Name: Voting System(sem 4)

The project is on Voting System. A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election or on a policy referendum.

A voting system contains rules for valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. Since voting involves counting, it is algorithmic in nature, and, since it involves polling the sentiments of a person, this represents affective data. Together, with the exception of proxy voting, this corresponds to in-degree centrality in graph theory and social network analysis, with votes as directed edges, and voters and candidates as nodes.

In this system the user has the number of choices and they have to choose one of the options between all. After all voters choose their option the result will display immediately with all candidate name and number of votes.


  • To give the accurate result in minimum time.
  • To make software fast in processing, with good user interface so that user can change it and it should be used for long time without error and maintenance.

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